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I. General Terms and Conditions

1. By registering and/or clicking �I agree,� you accept our General Terms and Conditions and agree to be obligated to comply with them.

2. The General Terms and Conditions may be altered by the Supplier at any time. In such a case, the pertinent information will be sent to you by mail.

II. Conditions of Service

1. The internet access costs incurred while using this webmail service are the responsibility of the User.

2. The User is responsible for setting up his own browser access program.

3. The Supplier will not review or monitor any data or e-mail stored by the User unless it is necessary to comply with a court order or unless otherwise legally required to do so.

III. Duties of the Customer.

1. The User promises not to abuse the service by carrying on any �spamming,� via the service. The User further promises not to use the service in any way that would be contrary to German law.

2. The User is fully and completely responsible for all actions carried out with the use of the service.

3. The User is obligated to secure access to his account against Third Parties and to protect his password. Should a Third Party gain (�hacking�) access nevertheless and carry out illegal transactions (contrary to the General Terms and Conditions and/or German law), the actual user of the account can and will be held responsible for these transactions.

4. The use of this service for transmitting advertising e-mail, spam and mass e-mails is strictly forbidden and obligates the User to redress any damages to his �victims� as well as to the Supplier.

5. For any violation of Paragraph III, items 1-4, and/or against the General Terms and Conditions, the Supplier is authorized to delete the User�s account without the possibility of appeal.

IV. Protection of Data

1. The Supplier agrees not to transmit registration data, addresses or reporting data to a Third Party.

2. The Supplier is authorized to retain the User�s data for an unlimited period of time, in case the information is required for evidence in a dispute.

V. Concluding Conditions

1. The Supplier of this web mail service cannot be held responsible for damages or other illegal usage. Should one of the conditions specified in this agreement become inoperative, the remaining conditions shall remain operative, and the inoperative condition shall be replaced by a condition which is as close as possible to the commercial intent of said condition (severability clause). Only the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are applicable to this agreement. The place of fulfilment and the competent court having jurisdiction are deemed to be those of the registered headquarters of the Supplier.